So how has everyone’s summers been? I can’t believe mine is ending in 20 days. I wish I had some exciting news to share or incredible story that prevented me from writing a blog in well over a month, but I got nothing. But if you must know what small changes have occurred, keep reading.

I got another job which means I am working about 40 hours a week, this is the main reason I haven’t blogged, the public exhausts me. The amount of people I have force a smile for when I want throw their order in their face! Today a coworker of mine SNAPPED HIS FINGERS at me and told me to go do something. Took everything in me not to yell at him right then and there. I calmly told him next time he can use my name because I don’t appreciate being snapped at (insert eye roll here). So to sum it up, I am sick of serving people and in that aspect I am more than ready for summer to end!

I know I have mentioned about my fish. Well, it has now become an obsession. I have upgraded to a 20 gallon tank and am still using my 10 gallon tank as well and saving my 3 gallon tank to take with me to college. I now own 23 fish, and one my platy’s actually had a baby!! So far it is surviving! I am impressed with myself, I have only had 2 fish die on me maybe I have the magic touch? Secretly a mermaid? I wish! I have definitely become a real fish nerd.

ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT GAME OF THRONES. Well I won’t spoil anything, BUT my wait is over and this season has been AMAZING so far 😉 Winter has finally come.

Valar Morghulis my friends.



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