The Little Memory That Resurfaced

Do you ever have those little memories that make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside and wish you could relive that moment again? I had one of those moments today that brought a few tears and smile to my lips.

While looking through my old yearbooks I found a picture of my now boyfriend that I remember always flipping to so I could admire him. It was the summer of my seventh grade year and I had the biggest middle school girl crush on this boy. We talked here and there but at the time we were not close. Of course all the girls liked him, not only was he attractive but a big goofball as most middle school boys were and he never failed to make anyone laugh.

It was the first day of seventh grade. I was dropped off early by my mom so no one else was at the school. I remember wearing a purple flowery Charlotte Russe dress and feeling so grown up because it was the first time I had shopped at a young adult store and not a children’s store. I remember wearing tan wedges (that I still own) that felt so high  (nothing compared to the heels I wear now) and made the most wonderful “click-clack” sound on the tiles of the commons area at school. While waiting for people to arrive I remember looking at the glass case of pictures from the previous school year and running my hands through my hair because it was the first time I got into straightening my hair on a daily basis.remember feeling insecure because I was still coming out of my awkward phase and trying to leave behind the silly immature sixth grader I used to be.

The first person I saw at school on my first day of seventh grade was Liam. The boy I had crushed on all through sixth grade and all through the summer and here he was standing in front of me. I remember him walking through the doors (his first day of eighth grade) and he stopped and stared at me and said “wow, you look different in a good way, you look really nice.”  All the insecurity and stress I had felt that day were gone, and I remember walking around school with a big smile on face for the rest of the day.

It was just a small comment, but it had an impact on me, that I still remember clearly seven years later. It reminded me of how different the world was just seven years ago; how middle school feels like it is worlds away yet I can remember it like it was yesterday; how a blonde haired blue-eyed boy said the nicest thing to a girl who felt she had been overlooked for the longest time.

After seven years of friendship, it turned into a relationship that neither of us could have seen coming had you asked us even a year ago. To this day, Liam is still the gentleman he was back in seventh grade, and he is still the goof ball and never fails to put a smile on my face.