Changing Currents

It never fails to amaze me how quickly your whole world can change in just a matter of seconds. Now maybe I’m being a little dramatic as I (by the grace of God) could have been way worse off.

Today, a relationship of mine ended. And it sucks. I know I will get through it, but until then my feelings and thoughts are raw with emotion. I have experienced worse heartaches, but does anyone ever want a good thing to come to an end? The more I look back on the relationship the more I realized we were probably better as friends, and hopefully some day my partner and I can be friends, and be able to put the intimate feelings behind us and move forward in a healthier direction.

As my relationship was coming to a close before I even knew it was happening, amongst it I have been recently making changes to my life, I have acquired a new hobby and polished up a few old ones. My newest one which I am most excited about is that I have purchased a fish tank and stocked it with the fish of my choice. I have had a great time reading up on different types of fish, tank care, exploring the aisles for decorations, and becoming an ichthus mom (Greek for ‘fish’ sorry nerd alert!). I currently have 2 bettas, a crowntail and a veil tail, along with what used to be 4 harlequin rasboras (2 have died in the last 2 weeks) two black snails, and a pleco (bottom feeder). I hope to expand more on my aquariums but the coming of college in a few months will make it harder for me maintain them without asking too much from my family to take care of them. When I get a place of my own I hope to get a couple of 20 gallon tanks and some bigger fish!

Speaking of college, this brings me to my next big change; I recently put down my deposit for the college I will be attending this fall. This was a big decision to make but I think this one of the better decisions I have made. For one, I will be closer to home and that is a plus since I got homesick a lot at my other college. I have yet to find a major but I am hopeful that this coming fall semester will confirm or deny what I have in mind of majoring. With a new college, comes a new start, and new people, and a different atmosphere. I only hope this one will be better than the last.

With college still a few months away and summer still upon us my family and I have taken up getting our garden up and running again. It has been a while since the garden was producing bright red tomatoes, dark green zucchinis and so many green beans that it felt like they were coming out of our ears! I am looking forward to making zucchini bread, and homemade salsa and tomato sauce! There is nothing better than being rewarded after hard work. As my mother always said, vegetables are nature’s candy.

Although today was lousy seemed to drag on, I feel better knowing that my partner and I did not end on bad terms, and that I have some great things to look forward to these next few months.

Until next time,